Make Extra Money Renting Out Your Holiday Home in Cyprus When You're Not Using it.

We can rent out & manage your Holiday Property in Cyprus when you're not using on your behalf for short term holiday rentals, this way your property is making you even more money instead of just sitting there when it's not being use.


When you partner up with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property will be kept clean, perfectly maintained, safe & looked after by our amazing team of professionals.

Being permanent residents & citizens of Cyprus, we can lease out your holiday property with your permission for short term stays for guests traveling to Cyprus on holiday or business, this is not something new, many property owners in Cyprus & around the world have been making money this way, with less hassle & less risk then renting it to a long term tenant, or having it just sit there vulnerable to theft, break ins & vandalism.


When you partner with us, we don't make things complicated, we make things easy & transparent, everything is straight forward, and your financial profit earnings from each monthly bookings total, is deposited into your bank account every month with a detailed report from the month send to you via email.



Q. But what if people damage my property?

A. You will not need to worry about your property being damaged, it is very rare that this will ever happen because of the kind of guest we allow to book through us to use your property, the other peace of mind you can have is that your property will be completely insured against any damages, & anything that needs fixing or replacing will be taken care of by us, you wont need to pay a thing.

Q. Why Should I Choose to Partner With You?

A. We have a wonderful & trusting reputation with our existing partners, we constantly receive high praise for our honesty, integrity, transparency and the highest appreciation for our high end professional work ethics and conduct giving our partners peace of mind, which means a lot to us and would never want to tarnish it We always aim to receive 5 star reviews from our guests, so it is our highest priority to keep the properties we work with in excellent, immaculate condition, and professionally cleaned after every stay (which is of great benefit for you as the owner, knowing that your property is being well looked after & maintained for you).

Q. What About When I Want to Use My Property?

A. We will never allow bookings on the dates you would like to use your property, it will be clean & ready for you to enjoy.



1. Make extra money.

2. Better security because a house occupied will be in less risk of being broken into & vandalized.

3. Short term stays are much better because you will not have a problem with squatters or people living in Cyprus trying to manipulate the loopholes in the long-term rental laws to keep staying in your house even though they haven't been paying their rent, which can be costly also in court fees to remove them from your property.

4. You don't need to do anything, we will do all the hard work, from advertising, finding guests, dealing with the guests, cleaning, fixing & managing your property for you.

5. We care about our reputation & keeping our good name, so we want you to be assured that you will be in honest, integral hands partnering up with us.

6. When Your property just sits their it becomes an expense on you due to property taxes & other taxes every year, maintenance etc... at least this way, your property is paying for its expenses and making you extra money on top of that.


We have 3 Main Property Management Packages to choose from, The Bronze, The Silver & The Gold, If you would like to know more, contact us on PH. +357 96834396 or Email us at and we can send you our detailed "How it Works" form, what to expect when you partner with us, and the details on the 3 packages that you can choose from, or we can custom make an agreement package that suits your specific needs. 

We would love to speak with you and answer any more questions or concerns.


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