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  • We are an online Cyprus based Holiday Tourism Service agency, with a passionate heart for our beautiful Island, and a deep desire to help make all our visitors and Holiday travelers to Cyprus enjoy this beautiful Island to the full, That's why we created this awesome website so you can learn & find everything you're looking for to enjoy your holiday, from adventure parks, water activities, Hiking, everything from the land to the sea, Helping you have an amazing experience while making unforgettable memories.

      For things to do click here: https://www.myholidaycyprus.com/things-to-do/

  • Property Management: We can turn your extra property here in Cyprus into a money maker, so instead of it just sitting there, we will do all the hard work, from maintenance, cleaning, advertising and booking holiday goers for short term holiday stays,

       If you are interested & would like to know more click here: https://www.myholidaycyprus.com/we-can-make-you-money-renting-your-cyprus-property-for-you/                           

       Or contact us now at: contact@myholidaycyprus.com


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